Sailor stranded for days with no food off of Brooklyn

A bungling sailor who ran out of gas and was stranded at sea without any food for four days was rescued Sunday morning after a fisherman spotted the vessel and called police.
The NYPD’s Harbor Unit caught up with the 26-foot sailboat around 9:45 a.m. after a fisherman in another boat saw it drifting in the waters off south Brooklyn and dialed 911
On board, cops found a dehydrated, malnourished man who was somewhat disoriented.
The cops towed the wayward boat to a nearby marina before taking the 41-year-old to Coney Island Hospital. He is expected to be OK, officials said.
The police later learned the man had set out from Fire Island on Wednesday and was bound for Manhattan when he ran out of gas along the way.
To make matters worse, the boat’s sail ripped, rendering it useless as it proceeded to drift along for several days.
Police said the man did not have any food on board, although he did have some water.
He couldn’t call for help since his cell phone battery died and he did not have a radio, police said.
“He’s clearly a newbie sailor who didn’t know what he was doing,” a source said.
“He’s lucky he didn’t drift out to sea or he could have died.”
Police said it’s believed the man may reside on the boat.
The NYPD lauded the cops who participated in the rescue, and posted a photo of them standing with the scruffy sailor.

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