Man dies of suspected dehydration after group hiking in Kalbarri National Park runs out of water

 A 27-year-old man has died of suspected dehydration during a hiking trip at the popular tourist spot, Nature's Window, in Western Australia's Mid West region.
Key points:
  • Friends of the man raised the alarm after he collapsed towards the end of the hike
  • Police said the group had set out with three small bottles of water each
  • Hikers have been urged to be prepared for the effects of heat, dehydration and exertion

The Northam man was with friends when he became distressed and collapsed around 3:00pm on Saturday while completing a hike in Kalbarri National Park, about 485 kilometres north of Perth.
The man was placed under a tree and given water, however police said the group then ran out of water.
A tourist who was a German doctor tried to help resuscitate the man before paramedics and emergency services arrived at the scene, but he could not be revived.
"A man who dies in his mid-twenties in circumstances that possibly could have been avoided is always a tragedy … we certainly feel for his family and friends," WA Police Inspector Garry Kosovich said.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man's death, but it is believed he succumbed to dehydration.
"He had just done the 8km walk and he collapsed just before Nature's Window," Kalbarri State Emergency Service local manager Steve Cable said.
"He was almost back to the beginning because the loop [trail] starts and finishes at the same point — he felt unwell and that was it."
Police said the man may not have had enough water or appropriate clothing.
"[The group] set out with three small bottles of water each," Inspector Kosovich said.
"We ask that if you're going to walk in the hot sun in WA that you do have adequate covering for all your body, including your head, and adequate water, as that was possibly not the case in this circumstance," he said.
"I understand that he was a large man and was possibly not in the best physical shape to undertake such a walk, but I'm not sure of his medical background."

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